IBM 69 | Hacking the Overwhelm (how to avoid paralysis when starting an internet business)

istock_000007178392xsmallIn this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about Hacking the Overwhelm (how to avoid paralysis when starting an internet business).  Plus, we’ll give you a resource to help you consume audio and video content quicker so you can learn faster.

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  1. Can not find this on iTunes.

  2. I’m also having trouble getting it on iTunes, as well as with the “download directly” link here on the site. I think it might be something with libsyn’s hosting?

  3. Looks like it was a temporary issue. It should be working now.

  4. found Ep69 on itunes but was not easy. There is an older version of your podcast channel that came up when I searched for internet business mastery.

  5. Showed up fine in my iTunes

  6. I would like to consume info faster by speeding up audio and video that I listen to.

    Does anyone know of any software like MySpeed that runs on the Mac?

  7. @Andy,

    Download the podcast, open in Quicktime, goto Window–>A/V control and use the play speedback control.

  8. Sadly, it doesn’t look like MySpeed is free anymore. Only a 7 day free trial and they’re charging 29.99 for it. I suppose it could be worth it. We’ll see.

  9. I’ve just listened to this episode (I’m a bit behind on my IBM), and I’ve got to say that this is the best episode I’ve heard in a while. I could have used this information and the suggested mindset a couple of years ago. My brother is thinking of starting an Internet business, and I’m pointing him to this episode first, and then to start with your podcasts from the beginning. I just think that this episode has so many good “getting started” tips, it’s what he should start with.

    Thanks for a really great episode…I’ll be listening to it a few more times.