IBM 68 | Cubicle Escape Story with Cornelius Fitchner

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we explain why Everything You Know About Outsourcing Is Dead Wrong Part 2.  Plus, we have a a lifestyle design tool for finding the ideal place for you to live.

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  1. Jeremiah Kephart says:

    Hey guys!

    Just stopping back to the “non members area” to be inspired by your “meet and greet” page that started it all!!

    Thought I’s mention that I just took the FINAL course in the IBMA members area, and I think its important to mention that I CANT LOOK AT THE INTERNET THE SAME WAY AT ALL! I can barely surf the web these days without saying to myself “Holy crap! This pay site is leaving HUGE money on the table”! Or, “Wow, these guys -‘kinda’- get it,,, but they should really listen to Sterling and Jay if they want the whole picture”!

    Anyway, I need to get back to figuring out where I’m going to live next ;) since I’m not stuck here anymore! (Maybe Ill grab a beach house like Sterling!? Its nuts how many things become possible after we ‘wake up’!)


    Much respect,

  2. I really liked this interview with Cornelius – so many good insights into building a business and lots of great advice.

    These interviews are a really nice idea and I enjoy following them.