IBM 67 | 7 Reasons Why You Should Start an Internet Business Even in a Recession

recession saverIn this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we explain why Everything You Know About Outsourcing Is Dead Wrong Part 2.  Plus, we have a a lifestyle design tool for finding the ideal place for you to live.

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  1. I had an interesting experience with an outsourcer, but it was the product of me not doing enough research. Before you decide to go this route check out the quality of their work. Don’t go by reputation or word of mouth. Ryan

  2. I live in Europe in Poland. Every time I listen your podcast i think that – no, i know – that you do a great job! I love your podctast!. I started my own business in the internet and in “real” world and I am happy. Thanks!

  3. It was rather shocking listening to this podcast on my way home from work and suddenly hearing my name.

  4. I am pretty sure about this. Recession is actually the best time to start a business if you are a good manager and marketer of course.