IBM 66 | Everything You Know About Outsourcing Is Dead Wrong Part 2

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we explain why Everything You Know About Outsourcing Is Dead Wrong Part 2.  Plus, we have a a lifestyle design tool for finding the ideal place for you to live.

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  1. Haha, I woke up the other day with the idea for a city recommendation website that pairs your interests with what city would be most appropriate for you to live in. Looks like somebody beat me to the punch!

  2. Fantastic Interview guys – John really lifted the lid on the outsourcing craze.

    I’m so glad I did not go down the elance lane about two months ago. I found it just as quick to do it myself after writing a detailed list of what needed to be done. Saved my self $500, now I’ll go looking for a full time employee from PH where I can pay $500 a month to help me out and understands my needs because they “get it”.

  3. Thomas Kjeldgaard says:

    Great shows guys :-) Just started to listen to your podcasts and they are GOOD! I have a question that i and probally otheres would appreciate if you would take the time to answer. So for outsourcing to the Phillipines does you need to go there for starting up ?

    Have John gone there in the beginning and prepare the startup ?

    The 2 september i will go to Thailand, and start doing my internet business there, and now i have some contacts in India, which John warns about does any of you guys have experiences with outsourcing in India ? I know people who actaully had seuceed with it.

    Best Regards

    • @Thomas,

      You don’t have to go to the Philippines at all to hire someone there. He talks in his program about how he finds and hires his VAs. We’ve used his process and have hired excellent full-time assistants over the Internet.

  4. so what was that website again?

  5. Hey guys,
    I’m a new listener, and honestly have been blown away. I loved the Mark Mason interview and was impressed! I then went back to listen to the older podcasts and came across this one. WOW! TOTALLY blew me away. I’m rethinking everything! Thank you so much. Now I’m trying to figure out how I can pay for not only replace myself but also IBMA!

    I hope to talk to you more soon.

  6. When we start venturing in the Internet marketing world and starts needing some help, the first thing we think about is getting a freelancer. I admit that I have trust in Elance, but the problem I see there, and in other freelance sites, is that there are people who claims they can do something they actually can’t. It’s really a waste of time and money.

    I myself have been working with Filipinos, and I can say they are quite efficient. They help me get things done without me spending thousands of bucks each month.

  7. Hi! Thanks for great videon on the really hot topic. The only thing I can not agree at all that you ultimately need to travel to the outsourcing destination of your choice. First option – you can chhose the outsourcing partner online, or on professional conferences. And secondly – there’s always nearshore outsourcing to reduce travel time and cost