IBM 55 | Real Life Cubicle Escape Stories (How They Did It and How You Can, Too)

Cubicle EscapeIn this episode of Internet Business Mastery,we discuss Real Life Cubicle Escape Stories (How They Did It and How You Can, Too). Plus, we talk about a new kind of metric that gives valuable insight on how user-friendly your site is.

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Items mentioned in the episode:

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  • Did you quit your job in order to work your Internet Business in 2008?
  • What Massive Action did you take in 2008?

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  1. This is my first time going to the site. I listen to the podcast on my iPhone and just love what you guys talk about.

    When I heard Sterling was moving to San Diego I was actually excited because I want to meet someone who is successful with Internet and gain some insight. I too live in San Diego, actually re-locating to Mission Valley.

    I think this kind of podcast is also very inspiring since we get to hear more about others who have succeeded from your advice. More reasons why everyone needs to listen to your show.

  2. I’m getting caught up after the holidays and just finished this one today.

    It was nice to hear the success stories. Even being somewhat familiar with Pat’s story, I found it inspiring.

    I liked hearing about how proactive Matt was too, heading across the country to learn something new at a conference before he was even making money in the field.

    I did find myself wondering how he has marketed his iPhone apps and if he has any tips in that department. Are all his sales from being listed in the iTunes store? I imagine he has done some marketing of his site on his own too. :)

  3. Guys,
    Just listened to the ‘cubicle’ stories on i-tunes and I am mightily impressed, so much so that I have just posted a libnk on to a new forum that I am moderating which is all about ‘ethical’ internet success. Myself and the other 3 guys who set it up (2 UK ladies / 2 UK men)have all been burnt by make money online scams, yet your stuff does sound like the real deal.
    Hopefully you will get a bit of well deserved traffic from our site .
    The young guy who is selling an ebook about architecture is just so inspiring. Thank you

  4. The url doesn’t work anymore? Any idea why?

    grtz, Koen
    The Netherlands

  5. With people turning to surfing the Internet when they need or are looking for something, there’s no doubt how great possibilities are for us to earn from here. Internet marketing is a great thing I’ve learned of. Thanks all the information you and others have provided, I’m now earning well without leaving my home and I’m now my own boss.

    Surely, there’s no better life than this. I’ll never even think of going back to working a 9-to-5 job.