IBM 48 | Acquiring the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

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In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about Acquiring the Lifestyle You Deserve.  Plus we have a quick tip about a must use stat tracking service for anyone using RSS.

Items mentioned in the episode:

Take Action:

  1. Sit down and create a mindmap, a collage or story (or whatever works for you) to make your lifestyle design more concrete.
  2. Ask yourself what you need to believe that will make achieving your lifestyle really possible. If you don't think you deserve it, then start looking at the thoughts and beliefs that you have that hold you back from believing in your ultimate lifestyle.Psycho-cybernetics is a great book about how to work with your internal beliefs
  3. If you don't have a business that can provide for your desired lifestyle, commit to doing what it takes to start one today. The Academy is a great place to learn exactly how to do this.

What do YOU Think?

  • We want you to tell us YOUR ultimate lifestyle!  Take some time now to write it out and share it with us!  Have fun with this one!
  • Ways to tell us:
    • Call the message line: 206-222-2219
    • Record an MP3!  We use a free software to do this, called Audacity


  • Tell us by posting a video and the winner of the best video will get a box of Filet Mignon steaks!
    • Make a video talking about your ultimate lifestyle, show your collage or get creative and go all out!
    • Use to post your video to all the sites they have on their posting list.
    • Make sure to mention
    • Come back to this post and add the YouTube link to your video in the comments.
    • Winner will get mentioned in the first podcast after the contest.
    • Winner will get his video on the front page of
    • Winner will get a box of Filet Mignon steaks!
    • DUE DATE: October 20th, 2008


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  1. No steaks, for written comments, eh? ;)

    It’s interesting to watch (listen to) you guys and see what your goals are and where you’re going. One of the things that’s kept me on the fence about creating my own products is it has always seemed like more work than blogging and earning money from advertising, something that I make a living at while only working a couple hours a day (and, more by accident than design, I’ve built a site where it would be easy to hire other writers and step away from the day-to-day content creation).

    Still, I’m always drawn back to your podcast and the idea of information products, and I’m working on my newest site with the idea of consulting and/or creating a course in mind. I like the idea of a subscription newsletter or membership site, and am watching what you do in the Academy so I can pillage ideas. ;)

    I imagine that after you have all the courses put together for the membership site that the workload will be lessened a lot, but I’m curious to see how you’ll be able to automate it (or most of it) in the future to pursue your lifestyle design goals.

    Anyway, keep up the podcasts. You guys are inspiring. :)

  2. Hi Jay and Sterling, Thanks for adding my link to yours site. Of course, yours is on mine.
    Since I last contacted you, I have followed more of your examples. First, I switched to a WordPress site. Though some pages still need to be added, I like it much better. Second, I hired my first virtual assistant to do a press release. Again, a home run. I may not have had the know-how or the guts to do some of the things had it not have been for your podcast. Until then, thanks as always.


  3. Better late than never. Here’s my video contest entry.