IBM 35 | The Secret to Making Online Marketing and Sales Easy (or Is Web 2.0 Overrated?)

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In this episode of Internet Business Mastery we talk about how you can make your sales and marketing process 100 times easier. We reveal how to get your target market to buy and the #1 reason why businesses fall flat with their sales and calls to action. We provide a new way to look at lead-generation, marketing and sales. We also talk about why Relationship Marketing is even more important than the attention age of marketing.

In addition we give a specific definition of Web 2.0. There are numerous definitions, some of which make Web 2.0 look overrated. We talk about our view of Web 2.0 and what meaning it really hold for online marketers.

Also, Sterling and Jay talk about what they discovered after their three-day strategy meeting for 2008.

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  1. I don’t seem to be able to download this complete episode. All I get is about 4-5 minutes and then it cuts off. I tried on iTunes with the same result. Anyone else having the same problem?

  2. @Orin,

    I’m not sure why it’s not downloading for you. Is anyone else having this problem?

    Here’s an alternate link for you:

  3. It was so great to hear my name mentioned on your podcast! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about my thoughts. I have been learning about and using internet marketing for quite a while and have been able to distill the hype from the real thing. I am so glad that you two have chosen the path of the “real thing”. (Just had to throw that Coke reference in there!) So often you and I have been on the same path that it’s been a little eerie. You start talking about “The Four Hour Workweek” and I had just finished reading it. You start talking about “Think Big…” and I had recently downloaded it from Audible and had similar thoughts about it. I’m still following your Twitter feeds and other social media and am glad to be part of your online community. Because of your influence, my own online business is continuing to grow and I thank you for that. Rock on, Garth (and Sterling and Jay)!

  4. Cannot play the complete episode – is there still a problem?

  5. I didn’t have a problem at all with downloading. I subscribe through iTunes.

  6. If you’re having trouble playing the whole episode, please let me know if you are playing it in iTunes, in the streaming player in the blog post or by download. If one of those is not working, please try another and see if that does work for you and let me know. I’ll see what I can figure out.

    Also, see the alternate link in my comment above for downloading the episode.


    I’m happy to hear you’re having such growth in your business. Thanks for being a part of our community.

  7. I used the alternate download location, it worked like a champ!


  8. I had the same problem, been looking at Sterling’s Twitter page to find out when it would be out of the can..

    Thanks Guys,

    Just a thought, have you guys ever considered offering another method to accept site donations, I know Paypal is common enough but I can assure you more than just a few of your listener’s have had their account limited, etc and you are sort of selling yourself short.

    Just a thought,

  9. Thanks for a great podcast Jay and Sterling!
    (just discovered it and have listened through all episodes in one long session..:-)
    I am in the process of launching a site / blog and could use a virtual assistant, I am sure many others have the same need. How about setting up a little “VA network recommended by IBM” to broaden your community? I have just sent a request to some Indian guys and I will let you know how it works.

    Best regards, Axl

  10. Hey Guys Sorry to post another comment straight away but I feel that I had too.

    I have been a listener since early 2006 and over the last week or so I actually listened to everyone of your Podcasts again starting with number 1 (yeah, I am that dedicated LOL). Anyways you guys have a totally different vibe in this Podcast and to be honest with you in a lot of way I think this is the best Podcast you guys have put together… Whatever you guys came up with over the holidays and having a chance to hook up again obviously worked because you really seem to have a very strong synergy again. I actually had felt like the podcast had sort of lost that after Sterling started doing the renegade podcast.. While sure I liked it but I didn’t seen any value in comparison to this one…

    Keep it up guys and Jay best of luck down south, a couple of my buddies just got back and they loved it…..


  11. @Marc,

    Your comments regarding this episode being our best are very much appreciated. You’re right in your assessment. Our plans for IBM are bigger than ever this year and I’m sure the excitement we have for it affects our tone on the show. It’s nice to hear that from a listener.

    Regarding the donation thing, we haven’t given it much thought. It was something we threw up there a long while back and just let it ride. In fact, we will be removing it in the next iteration of the site design. Thanks for the suggestion, though.


    We should put up a resource for finding VAs. We’ll put that on the list for the new design. In the meantime, check out or or put a bid on

  12. Off the subject but I wanted to post a question to the community: Is the e-book dead and should we be concentrating our efforts somewhere else? This question was spurred by Brian Clarks “teaching sells” program which I have read about but have yet to decided if I was going to participate in.

    This also brought up a another question. Jay, I understand that with the growing popularity of “The Podcasting Underground,” and with the release of your book “Promoting Your Podcast,” you developed a paid member’s site. I would love to hear your and Sterling’s thoughts on the static informational product model (ie e-book) versus the dynamic information product (multimedia paid member’s site). What are the pros and cons? Should we as internet entrepreneurs entertain both business models or focus on just one?

    I admit that I am more of an aspiring internet entrepreneur than one who has really left his foot print yet, so any opinions on this subject that the community can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  13. I have been intensely researching this whole internet gig. I have created a blog, and have been assimilated into the web 2.0 scene (because this is what I have been told to do). I am new to IBM, and Internet Marketing altogether. I am enjoying a lot, but am still finding myself right where I was when I started. Totally lost, have no idea what to sell or write about, and finding myself saying, “I could do that, or that, or that, or that or that or that or…..”

    I have listened to all the podcasts here, and even some on Ebay renegades, also podcast underground. I have scoured the library numerous times, as well as borders, barnes and noble, used bookstores, websites, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, all getting great information… accept where to start… This place is the best place I have found so far that has given me an inkling of what to do but yet again find myself repeating… “I could do that.”

    So far I have. Start a blog… write about anything… build a list of people… ok cool… still don’t have anything to start with…. Consider your USP, market that and go from there… Build a business plan… Am I getting close?

    I feel I am asking a question that no one can answer but myself, and the kicker is… I haven’t been able to. Ideas? TONS OF THEM! Woohoo… but that isn’t getting me anywhere either.

    I feel like a doctor looking for a diagnosis. Reaching for books, and opinions to label this disease… I pace back and forth in my garage with a lit cigarette in my hand going over everything I learn everyday wondering what I am doing wrong.

    Bottom line, I feel I am not going to get the answers all at once, and it will take time. But I know I am not the only one. I am seeking input, and to assure others they are not alone if they feel like me.

    Ideas, suggestions?

  14. @Zane,

    I know exactly what you mean. There is only so much you are going to find at the level of “free” or in a $12 book. It didn’t really start happening for me until I ponied up and paid the big money to learn how to really do it. I bought several course, which were only so-so, and went to MANY seminars. I got into the mindset of paying for the information and that truly made all the difference. BUT, once you pay you HAVE to take real action.

    Sounds like you are an action person, based on what you wrote and that is going to make all the difference.

  15. @Jacob,

    An ebook makes for a nice introductory product. I know people who still make nice income streams from ebooks, but the really money is in building a community and offering a continuity product (one where they pay you month after month) such as a membership site or newsletter.

  16. Jeff Mueller says:


    I find myself in the exact same position as you are. I have lots of interests and cannot decided what to focus on. I decided to help others turn their interests into an online business. Case in point, I am helping my wife and a friend develop a website based on one of their passions. They did not know where to start and they were not that knowledgable about Web 2.0. By the time I laid it all out for them they were very excited about getting started right away and I was very excited about transferring my excitement about internet business and Web 2.0. I guess an opportunity can present itself in a place you were never looking. I definitely agree with what Sterling about getting into the mindset of paying for good information

  17. Thank you all for you kind words and support. I am always willing to look into any other options. If anyone has more I like Jeff’s idea. I always seem to be telling people what they should do. Maybe it’s true, “those who can’t do teach”.

    Thank you Jay, I am currently writing… a lot. Just working on which one would be the most marketable. Should I wrap up all of them and throw them out and see what happens? Or focus on making one really good?

    Sterling, I am with you all the way. I need to make that jump, and am more than willing to… My hesitation of purchasing something higher than $20.00 is that I don’t know what to focus on, and if I finish a course and find out… ALRIGHT! I don’t want anything to do with this niche, I’m out x amount of dollars. And it isn’t the money factor. Currently, probably can’t afford your A-Z course, BUT that won’t stop me.

    … is there a way to see how much this sucker is gonna cost? I am sure you get that question a lot, but I gotta know what I am up against. I just need to know how many hours I will have to sell myself for to pony up the dough… and sadly if it is not meant to be and I don’t have the cash for your program, which one of the 3 suggestions you had in your podcast do you suggest to start with?

  18. I just listened to your recent IBM 35, The Secret to Making Online Marketing and Sales Easy.

    Thank you for your great insight. I did have a few comments….. questions really. How can B2B companies use the tools and suggestions often discussed in your podcasts? The points you make are valid and extremely useful with B2C companies. There appears to be, however, a road block when implementing Web 2.0 practices with B2B companies. Many don’t understand how Web 2.0 can fit into their world and the in lies to conflict between old school and new school.

    I will use the company I work for as an example. We are a technology company that sells products to B2B clients. I have been preaching for over a year that we need to start incorporating the lessons that you have been sharing on your podcasts and web site. Most if not all my ideas have been met with a lot of resistance. Can B2B companies survive without Web 2.0? Do they need to open their doors and accept that change is inevitable? What can be siad or done to convince the old school that some “new” ways of doing things are ok?

  19. David,
    Great point! I have the same conclusions. I am a business consultant today and turning my business more and more towards advicing b2b customers about these practices. (Inspired by Jay and Sterling I will turn my own consultancy away from hourly-based fees into passive income streams…) But you are right, tbe b2b market is absolutely behind here!
    Best regards, Axl

  20. Hey guys,

    Love your show!
    I’m just discovering mind mapping and downloaded FreeMind.
    I see where it says you offer a free video tutorial on it, but I can’t find
    it or see if it was sent to my email. Can you send me the link?

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  21. Jay,
    Thank you for pointing to , I am sure I will become a regular :-)
    Best regards, Axl.

  22. I read a lot of the comments based on the original thread – post and I noticed several comments where people were saying things like i started a list, created a blog, I’m doing web 2.0 social networking, I’ve developed a business plan, but where do I go with all of this? It’s like I’m no further than when I started? Obviously there is not a whole lot of room to comment here, however I would like to leave you with 2 of the most important concepts of making it big.

    I’ve been marketing online since 1995 and one concept is vital. The so called superstars that make a ton of money have basically though one way or another gotten a lot of people (affiliates whatever you want to call them) to market for them. All of the other stuff creating a blog, making a list, etc is great to market your product. However, the smart marketer will use those tools to also endeavor to form alliances with other marketers for mutual marketing benefits.

    Now here though is a tip that’s more psychological than internet marketing, and especially important to someone who’s not yet very established. Once you become famous like John Reese you have no trouble attracting people, however to those starting out the best thing you can do is be real likable. Complement other marketers go out of your way to be real nice to them. Remember they were human before they were marketers. So think about what makes you feel good, what attracts you to other people and then practice the golden rule. You’ll get much further faster than being a lone cowboy.

  23. @David Murray,

    Your qusetion about the difference between B2C and B2B is excellent . In fact, I think it merits a whole episode in the future. I’d like to make a few points here.

    #1) Internet Business Mastery uses these strategies to market to businesses as much as consumers. In fact, we are essentially a B2B community since we are speaking to current or future business owners.

    #2) I use these same strategies for my podcasting niche and, again, it is really a B2B thing. I teach businesses how to connect with their target market through online content creation such as podcasting.

    #3) Whether you are targeting businesses or consumers, you are still targeting people. People operate and react to the same principles. Whether they are “consumers” or “businesses.” Even if you are marketing to dentists, they will still respond to good information delivered in an entertaining manner. They’ll still identify with community and relationship marketing. They still want to do business with people they trust.

    I actually think that whether you are in a B2C or B2B market that it changes very little when it comes to using the internet and Web 2.0 to connect with your market.

    A number of our coaching course graduates are targeting business markets.

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this?


    Excellent point. If you are an insular marketer, your progress will be much slower.

  24. @Jay

    That is great insight. I always felt there was a very thin line separating B2B and B2C. The techniques you and Sterling offer in your posts can relate and be implemented for both.

    The trick is convincing the “Big Wigs”.

    Thanks again!

  25. Thank you for the reminder to *take action* about sorting out an off-site/online back solution. I had been putting it off for far too long, unable to decide between two alternatives. When I heard this episode, I just decided to use the one you recommended and be done with it. Now we are happily being automatically backed up.

    Thank you.

  26. Hi Jay,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for a great job to introduce the online marketing step by step:) For me, your podcast is a great source of information and inspiration.
    There is a lot of talk going on about optimisation of content for search engines. Have you discussed it in your podcast yet? importance of content optimisation is a ‘hot topic’ at the moment and I believe that a podcast about bringing people through the process would be very helpful and popular:) Or would you know any good sources you could recommend?
    Thanks again for your great work