348 | Becoming a Recognized Expert with Dorie Clark

Becoming a Recognized Expert with Dorie Clark

How do you come up with breakthrough ideas and get known as a leading expert in your industry? Today’s guest has interviewed a number of top experts and has codified what they do to claim their expert status and monetize it.

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In This Episode

  • The three key elements of becoming a recognized expert
  • How to leverage expert status to make more money and attract bigger opportunities
  • 3 simple actions you can do today to build a network of influencers

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josh-roaI have gained over 6000 Facebook likes in 3 days and don’t know what to do with them! One of my project videos ‘how to transfer a photo to wood’ that has around 6 million views on YouTube and I was recently approached by BoredPanda asking of they could make a shortened version for them to share, fully branded by me too and linking back to my Facebook page and original video. Wait for it…They uploaded it Friday night and the current count (5 days later) is 23 million views!!!
-Adrian Salisbury
Adrian’s Viral Video