346 | The Importance of Optimism for Generating Success

The Importance of Optimism for Generating Success

Is pessimism robbing you of motivation, creativity and grit? Recently, we’ve been doing some interesting reading about the role that optimism plays in success and happiness. On the other hand, pessimism will rob you of confidence and grit.

In fact, Jason discovered there was one area of his life where pessimism was having a detrimental effect on his progress in business. Listen in to find out if automatic pessimistic responses are eroding your success.

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In This Episode

  • The three types of optimism that affect your happiness and success
  • How to measure your optimism and how much room you have for improvement
  • Simple techniques for learning to be more optimistic

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shey-harmsIt has taken me months to finally launch this latest podcast (it’s my 4th). It’s not the fear of hearing my voice or anything that kept me from launching. It was the fear of me establishing myself as an authority – on a topic I actually know quite well from 25 years in the IT world. I submitted it to iTunes yesterday and they approved it today (it was supposed to take a few weeks). Now I really need to hustle and get everything else flowing with the podcast! I’ve had members of this group, and many others, provide feedback on the name, podcast artwork, etc, so I felt I had to share that it’s finally released and in the hands of the public. Thanks for everyone’s support, encouragement and feedback.
-Shey Harms