343 | Making Big Money from Little Lists with Adrienne Dorison

Making Big Money from Little Lists with Adrienne Dorison

Can you make money even with a small list? On this episode, Adrienne Dorison tells you how she got started making money even when her email list was tiny. We also talk about how she kickstarted her Facebook Group which now has almost 5000 members.

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In This Episode

  • Why having a little list can be a competitive advantage
  • What NOT to do with a little list if you want sustainable results
  • 3 things you can put into action TODAY to leverage your little list for profit

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josh-roa11 months after joining the academy, I can provide the following update on my part-time business. I have one website now earning an average of $1k/month. The site itself is going through an expansion so earnings are expected to increase by a minimum of 20%. Currently, the only management required is a single monthly report which takes 10 min and the odd email reminder about topping up a retainer. I’m monetizing through a pay-per-lead model and the goal is to set up another 3 domains over the next 6 months, which earn $800-1k/month, each. I’m treating this as a marathon, rather than a sprint, so happy to keep it going at the current pace and look forward to updating you all on my progress. The great thing too is that this is all separate from my day job – which is also helping me from a business development and management perspective. Really grateful for all the learnings. With my financial goal set at generating $8k/month in total, I’m happy to say that I’m 12.5% of the way to my goal! Time to turn it up!!
-Josh Roa