342 | 25k Earned from Imperfect, Bold Action with Tepsii

25k Earned from Imperfect, Bold Action with Tepsii

When today’s guest first shared her story with me, I knew right away we needed to share it on the show. It’s the perfect example of why it’s vital that you just start your journey now, even with imperfect action. There are big opportunities just waiting for you, but they won’t show up until you get going.

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In This Episode

  • Why the best business opportunities often don’t come until we take bold, imperfect action
  • How Tepsii made $25,000 in her first two months with a talent she had no idea she even had
  • How she turned her one-on-one client work into scalable digital courses

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marco-roslerThis is AMAZING! I cannot describe to you how amazing I feel right now. Really, I can’t – because the last couple of months were plagued with financial worries. This is such a relief. Not even a year ago I started AuthenticGermanLearning.com, a website where I teach German by talking about inspiring stuff that helps people improve even in other areas of their lives. I work on it full time and made on average $100-$200 a month. I just started coaching. Before, I had a lot of financial worries. Without coaching, my money would have run out this year! I never had a real job. After university, I had to take a break and soul searched for a year. Last year in October (after over a year of listening to Jeremy and Jason – massive thanks!), I finally decided on starting my own online business. Now I’m fulfilling my dream of earning money online. Now I know for absolute certain I can live off it.
-Marco Rösler