341 | How to Get Automatic Pinterest Traffic with Jackie Beck

Hows to Get Automatic Pinterest Traffic with Jackie Beck

In the past seven months, Jackie has grown her list by over 15 times. In this episode, we talk about how she optimized her site, leveraged pinterest and set up her email newsletter to generate such massive growth.

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In This Episode

  • How to optimize your site to attract Pinterest traffic
  • How Jackie grew her list from 350 to over 5500 in seven months
  • WordPress plugins for growing your email list

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jen-snyderIn February I started over with a brand new niche. One that better suits me and one that I am passionate about. On April 1st I started my Facebook group for my ladies. We just crossed the 800 member mark and I am getting a lot of amazing feedback about how much it is helping people. On Monday I launched my first product ($7 product) and as of today I am up to 38 sales and in the middle of an email sequence to generate more sales. PS. Grow your email list from day one. Don’t even think about not doing it. 95% of my sales are from my email list.
-Jennifer Snyder