338 | Turning Services into Scalable Products with Meryl Johnston


Monthly recurring income streams is highly desirable for any company. It makes your revenue more consistent and your business more valuable. A new trend in recurring revenue models is the productized service, a highly scalable way to launch and grow your business or a great add-on to any information product offers you already have.

In this episode, we chat with Meryl Johnston of BeanNinjas to find out what it takes to launch and grow a productized service business.

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In This Episode

  • How to earn monthly recurring revenue by turning services into products
  • How to systematize your expertise to grow your business
  • Why productized services generate more consistent recurring income than membership sites

Items of Interest

  • BeanNinjas.com (The productized bookkeeping company that Meryl co-founded)

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mark-stokesAfter roughly a year and a month of being enrolled in the Academy, I just ended my FINAL day of 9-to-5 employment!!!

I have to be honest. I was really skeptical when my wife first stumbled across the Academy’s landing page. I was so exhausted, though, with the cycles of career frustration and good intentions that plagued my past, I decided to tighten my belt and dive in. The possibility of profiting off of my own unique skills and passions was well worth the risk to me.

So much about the Academy works, but my absolute salvation was the actionable items at the end of each module. In moments of overwhelm, I’d chip away at those daily, weekly and monthly actionable items that Jeremy & Jason laid before us. Following that routine made all the difference in the long run.

Jeremy & Jason helped me find the single motivating purpose that connected each patch of my multi-disciplinary quilt. That was the key to my creating Holistic Storyteller, a dream business that turned the unifying theme of “storytelling” into multiple joy-inducing, profitable streams of income.

I’m providing value through means I would’ve never thought could provide financial stability for my family. Rather than working myself to the bone for the same modest paycheck each month, I’m taking daily actions that make a direct impact on my overall income.

And thank YOU, Internet Business Mastery Academy Mastermind, for always being there with prompt, sound advice as my business ideas pivoted and evolved. I saved so much time, money and frustration by going to you first before adding specific components to my business.

I know this is lengthy, but if you’re just starting out, or you’re exhausted, or you’re doubting your ability, I’ve been there. I can say it works. Push through now, whatever the stakes, and the biggest problems you face today will likely be quickly forgotten when the right pieces fall into alignment.

Mark Ezra Stokes