337 | 9 Tips For Killing It With Facebook Live


Facebook live is hot. Live video is powerful for attracting and connecting with an audience. If you’ve been wondering how to get started or up your game Facebook Live, this is the episode for you. We give you 9 actionable steps to help you kill it with Facebook Live.

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In This Episode

  • How easy it is to get started with live streaming video
  • How to get more viewers to your live videos
  • Why FB Live is something to consider for growing your business

Items of Interest

  • Rode Lav+
  • Ring Light
  • iPhone Desk Tripod

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I love podcasting, and to talk! Combine the two I thought? I have started a podcast, 11 episodes in, and getting great feedback. I am the first too, which inspires me to continue and help those in my industry to thrive and survive, and letting those wanting to get in, learn what it’s really like.

BREAKTHROUGH! Last week I was contacted by a large women’s magazine to do a story on me as they were looking for a person who does my job. And they will pay me! Yesterday I recorded my first interview with an influencer and it went really well. I asked for her feedback after we stopped the call and she said it was brilliant, natural and flowed perfectly. Omg this from a woman who has done over 400 full on interviews on tv etc. and now has a brand teaching people to “work it” in the media.

An hour later I had an in person interview in my basic new studio with a fellow workmate. He was nervous, but I was on cloud 9!!! That too was a fantastic connection and i am so happy and inspired right now it’s insane! lol.

I have been listening to my boys, J and J for a long time now and hear their voices in my boardroom regularly! Progress not perfection , if no one has done it you can be first ! My motto was #befirst when I was starting the podcast. And it seems I am. ;) in Australia. What is my industry do you ask? The mining industry. My podcast is called Beers With A Miner…. Listen at madmumzie.com/beers

Thanks Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden. For all your inspiration, support and for the great community you have created for us all here. Cheers Mad Mumzie! Xxx