335 | How to Gain Expert Credibility Fast When Starting Out


How do you get the attention of your target market if you don’t feel like you have expert credibility yet? In this episode, we’ll talk about simple ways you can quickly earn respect and authority positioning in your market to accelerate the growth of your business.

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In This Episode

  • 5 ways to establish credibility in your niche
  • Why being a beginner can be your greatest advantage
  • Why credibility is not the most important thing for earning the trust of your market

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elena-sarisI started a while back as well and have not been around the group too much of late, but I have had 2 huge successes this week and I so need to give a shout out and thank you to Jason and Jeremy(and hopefully maybe inspire some folks who are just getting started or hitting a bad patch to keep moving forward. (long post warning).

Neither success would have happened without IBMA introducing me to the world of making money online. Jason’s podcast training has opened so many doors for me! My podcast was informational, teaching non-lawyers about the legal system but I never really thought I could make money from it. Well, I didn’t directly monetize it, but two years ago I was on the cover of a prestigious legal magazine because the reporter had heard an episode and some other writers must have been listening as well because yesterday, I was offered a job as a legal consultant for a network TV show!

If that were not enough, I had another big win on Monday. My “internet marketing” journey has been anything but linear. I went from the podcast to an info product to T-shirt sales and finally landed in ecommerce. Monday I launched my first live event, a big ticket sourcing trip to China to teach Amazon sellers how to source directly from suppliers. The first day the sales letter went live, we had filled 1/5 of the slots. I have made every mistake there is to make and gone down several dead ends, lost money on crazy ideas and chased shiny objects down rabbit holes even Alice would have had the good sense to avoid.

But when 6 people in one day send you over $3K each because they see you as an expert and trust you to provide value to them, you realize that every step along the way is so worth it. The best part is, this is just the beginning. So thank you Jason and Jeremy for opening this door and allowing me to start this wonderful adventure.

Don’t know if there are many ecommerce folks here but my website is:

Elena Saris