330 | Is This Dangerous Motivation Killer Tanking Your Success?


Success comes from taking consistent action. Consistent action requires motivation. Preserving your motivation is paramount to reaching your goals. But there’s a dangerous pitfall that threatens to tank your motivation. In this episode, we discuss the science of motivation and how to bypass this common problem.

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In This Episode

  • Why your vision of freedom and lifestyle might not be enough to sustain you until you reach success?
  • Why willpower and self-discipline are not the missing ingredients for finally reaching your goals

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dannyHey IBM’ers! So thankful to Jason & Jeremy for this group and to everyone in here that’s taking massive action and supporting each other.
I quit my job on 5/6/16 (just about 2 weeks ago). Although I was already taking action, it lit an INTENSE FIRE under my behind to really push the envelope and out of my comfort zone which I’d never truly done.

What do I mean? Well, metaphorically I’d jumped off a cliff and decided to make my airplane on the way down.

I’d had a website (with not much content up) as well as my SMP and leaving my job pushed me to really hone in on what my value proposition is…helping other people master their workflows by being lean & agile.

In just under 2 weeks I sold my 1st 1-on-1 coaching spot at $1,000 as well as my online course at 4 paid beta spots ($97 each).

So far…great feedback and of course some great opportunities to improve.

I have a lot to learn and grow. I only have an email list of about 35 people (none of them pitched for the course or coaching yet). All of my sales are purely organic, get this, from direct relationships that I’ve cultivated through Facebook and other channels, but mainly FB.

I don’t have a funnel setup.

I don’t even have a set content marketing plan (yet, it’s in the works;).

So, for those of you unsure about what you have to offer. Keep connecting and helping others. Ask them for constructive feedback and return the favor. You never know when they or someone they referred to you could become a potential customer, and you don’t need advanced marketing funnels and crazy technology setup to make your first sale…for sure.

Anyway, go out there and make it happen!

Danny Liu