329 | Essential Advice We Would Give Ourselves if We Could Go Back in Time


What if you could go back in time and give yourself any advice? We were asked what advice we would give ourselves if we could go back 13 years when we first started our businesses. In this episode, we each share the three things we would say.

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In This Episode

  • What we would say if we could go back 13 years and talk to ourselves when we quit our jobs and struck out to launch our first business

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tim-elderI have a site, blog, and podcast about adoption. Just worked a deal with a National adoption agency for them to sponsor 5 podcasts and 6 months of blog sponsorship.

The beautiful thing is that they reached out to me after seeing the amount of focused and engaged traffic I am already sending them through blog posts. I sold them on sponsoring the podcast, because I’ve never had a sponsor, I really like what they stand for, and I wanted to see how well a sponsorship works. Feels so good to be an influencer in the niche.

I’m also sooooo close to launching my first online course – Adoption Profile Videos MADE EASY!

This is a blast – so I am working on my ‘escape plan’ so I can do this full time!

Tim Elder