325 | 3 Steps for a Profitable Product Launch Pt 1


When you launch a product, you want to see sales come in right away. Yet so many people launch and get lackluster results. In this three part series we take a look at why that is and what you can do in order to maximize the success of your product launches. In part one we talk about how to find out exactly what your following wants to buy most.

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In This Episode

  • 3 steps for successfully launching your product
  • The often overlooked first step that ensures your audience wants to buy
  • 4 key tools for creating a product that is irresistible to your audience

Items of Interest

  • Backstage Pass – In this training we take you behind the scenes and show you everything we do to successfully launch our most profitable program

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cat-lamMarco reached out to the ibma group to start a mini-mastermind, after listening to the podcast about accountability. We are an international group of 5-7. We have been meeting weekly and bounce ideas off each other. I look forward to this group every week. Where I would otherwise have let myself slip in terms of my weekly execution goals, i was accountable to my group. It pushed me to I operate this week on the the idea of “10 minutes of exercise is better than the thought of an hour.” Huge kudos to Marco for reaching out!

His site is AuthenticGermanLearning.com

Cat Lam