324 | 4 Ways to Grow Your Business with Curiosity


Curiosity can an entrepreneurs greatest asset. We’ve identified key areas of your business where you can leverage your curiosity to innovate, attract powerful relationships, push through struggles and reach your biggest goals. We discuss how in this episode.

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In This Episode

  • The secret to innovating in your business so it continues to grow
  • How curiosity can help you move past any setback
  • How to use curiosity to guide you from where you are now to achieving your biggest goals

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jaredI’ve finally done it!

After 7 years of running my own business trading my time for money, most of it just making it through, and over 3 years now of listening to and investing in IBM, I’ve finally got my first fully online course up and running.

It’s such an amazing feeling to have people giving me money for something THAT I’VE ALREADY DONE.

It’s take so much grit, determination, persistence and self belief to get here. As you can see I’m not always an act fast kind of guy, but grit, that’s my thing.

My secret ingredient has been to throw myself to the wolves. Last year I just put the course out there and sold it without having done it, then kept a week ahead on content creation. It’s an intense, exhausting, and exhilarating process. That was the beta version, that’s lead to the ‘real thing’.

So excited. Just keep going, you can do it!

(The course is called Mastering Presence: Foundations, it’s a personal development course for men).

– Jared Osborne


  1. It’s an interesting concept. I’m sure there’s a correlation between curiosity and grit. But it’s highly likely a spurious one. As far as business success goes (or success in general), what’s missing from just a curious mindset is a kind of motivation rooted in having a strong “dream incentive,” if you will.

    Underlying grit, constant innovation, the seeking of relationships, is one factor science has proven to be even more important than intelligence. That factor is the degree of emotional intelligence a person has. Thus, more relevant reading to draw out the relationships between the different dimensions of success may be the stuff coming from writers like Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Bradberry & Greaves, among others. Merely being curious about alternate possibilities won’t necessarily inspire action, and consistent action is where most people falter when they’re discouraged.

    Let me know if you guys want me to expound on this some more.