323 | 5 Dangerous Content Marketing Myths Busted


There’s a lot of bad advice floating around about which content marketing strategies you should use to get the best results. In this episode, we set the record straight and bust some myths we’ve seen hold far too many people back.

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In This Episode

  • Bad content marketing advice that has us a bit upset and riled up
  • A surefire way to doom your traffic strategy to failure
  • The #1 reason why content marketing strategies fail to get traction

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ginaProud moment… Got an email where I found out my article for the Good Men Project made the list of those with the most page views. So proud. My article was “10 Ways to Guard Your Daughter Against Toxic Relationships “….

Obviously got more views than if it was on my Blog.

Thanks Jason for the advise!!!

Gina Madrigrano