320 | The 11-Day Cubicle Escape Plan with Myke Macapinlac


How can you land your first coaching client? That’s the topic of discussion on this episode. We chat with Myke Macapinlac to find out how he landed enough clients to quit his job in just 11 days.

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In This Episode

  • A real-world case study of building up coaching income fast
  • How to find your first coaching clients quickly
  • How to use your coaching income to escape the cubicle

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DavidPrideHi Jason and Jeremy! You don’t know me but I need to tell you a story that I should have told you about 4 years ago.

Way back in the day I worked for a company that moved me from my Home state of Maine to SC. 5 months into the job I was laid off…in a state where I knew no one.

I had no idea what I was going to do. I knew that I liked Facebook and I loved helping businesses grow. So, I branded myself as a “Social Media Expert” and began making calls back into my home state of Maine.

I still knew nothing about marketing online, but thankfully I found the I.B.M podcast. I downloaded around 14 hours of your podcast. Back then you were interviewing a lot of people just getting started with social media.

I learned as much as I could by listening to you. I pitched a client the next day. I landed him…and so began my career in social media.

Without your podcast I would have been out of luck. From there I ended up accepting a job as a social media manager for a high end hotel for 4 years…from there I landed a social media director position for an agency for 1.5 years…and now I just entered my 2nd year full-time self employed.

You educated me and equipped me with so much info that when I left my job at the agency I had already nearly doubled my salary…and it all began with you.

Thank you. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for years. I talk about your podcast at everyone of my seminars now…I’ve told thousands of people that your show equipped me enough to land my first major client. – Again, thank you.

David Pride


  1. Lots of really good stuff I’m hearing from Myke in this episode. I like the way Myke explains how he does things like get people into a workshop and help people first to get more “authority” before offering the coaching program which is Awesome!