319 | The Cure for Teflon Brain


Do you ever feel like the things you study and read just never seem to stick? It’s frustrating when it seems like you are learning just to learn or reading just to read, without the ability to readily apply the knowledge as needed.

In this episode we share tips for effective learning, remembering what you study and applying it when you most need it.

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In This Episode

  • How to remember and apply key points from the books you read
  • Strategic tips for more effective learning
  • 3 traps that limit your progress and learning with courses and books

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kevinSignificant podcast progress made. Following early January launch, February gave us listings on iTunes and stitcher, and seven episodes live. Episode 7 was a landmark. We got a major uk influencer, Sophie Jewry, the queen of brand on the show and more than doubled our download numbers. We set a Facebook group up alongside the show to discuss the topics we cover in each episode, and membership is climbing steadily.

The group will effectively be both our blog platform and email list, and some great discussions are happening already in there. No plans to monetise in the near future, this 100 days was all about launching and getting things established, the next 100 days will be about building audience further and forging strong relationships in the Facebook group.

Kevin Appleby