317 | Getting Started As A Coach Part 1


Coaching is an often-overlooked stepping stone in building a scalable online business. In this episode we talk about why it’s important to consider coaching/consulting as a source of income, especially when you first get started.

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In This Episode

  • Why coaching is one of the best places to start earning cash or your business
  • 7 Steps to Get Started as a Coach
  • The secret to charging high prices as a coach

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greg_vanceA few months ago I reached out to the owner of a personality assessment that I really like. I asked if I could provide that person with some ideas about how to improve their product, marketing, and passive income. They said yes.

I took a chance and spent time putting together 8 ideas, in pretty sufficient detail, and sent them for consideration. Much to my surprise, now I have the green light to establish an affiliate program for them. Moral of the story: form relationships and take a chance with to focus to help other people. The risk to me was time and that the other person might do the ideas without me. It was worth risking that!

Greg Vance


  1. Love this Topic, is reading enough to get a few steps ahead to start coaching? or should you have implemented the material yourself or have helped others first before offering coaching?