313 | 4 Social Media Power Moves For Generating Profit


Social media is a waste of time… Well, at least the way most people use it. So in this episode we share four power moves you can use to turn your social media efforts into needle-moving strategies.

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In This Episode

  • Why social media is usually a waste of time
  • How to attract new clients and customers with social media
  • How to use social media to figure out exactly what your ideal customer wants to buy right now

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duncanHad a nice breakthrough. I’m making over $1,000 per month on affiliate income from my mostly Facebook group with under 200 members!

It’s highly targeted and I provide a lot of useful content. It’s a side income stream to my main business, which is selling on Amazon.

That business now makes me six figures after doing it for a year, and is less passive. Though I’ve outsourced 70% of it too now.

Keep plugging away and you’ll line up your niche!!

It’s a great way to get started selling and raising capital. I’ve a blog at www.smartfbaincome.com that documents my journey and offers a lot of advice.

I should also mention I do zero advertising. My marketing budget is literally $0! Most every member I’ve connected with personally on some level via Facebook. Many people find me as I regularly post in other Facebook groups and forums related to my niche.

Duncan Macpherson


  1. Ville says:

    Awesome episode! Thank you.

    I really need to build a facebook group. Currently ran out of matketing capital so I need some clients for my fitness business..

    How do you actually get that group going and grow it from 0 people? I know all about giving value and being helpful, but how do I get members there? I can’t invite any friends to tve group.

    Thanks so much :)