311 | How to Score Your Days in Order to Accelerate your Momentum and Results


What we measure we improve. So how do you measure the value of your daily activities in order to accelerate progress towards your vision and goals?

On this episode, we’ll share three systems that we use to measure and improve our focus and productivity.

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In This Episode

  • 3 ways to know if you are doing the most important things right now in order to achieve the results you want in the future
  • How to overcome impatience and self-judgment when you don’t reach your goals as quickly you’d like
  • How the most successful people in the world measure the value of their time

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Keren Natalia
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  1. Very good episode. The 3+3+3 technique really made sense. I’m going to give it a shot! Thanks for all the awesome shows you produce. I listen mostly on Stitcher. Keep going strong!