309 | Stop Outsourcing Your Permission to Succeed


Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to move forward in your journey to success?

So often we look outside of ourselves for all the indications that we are ready for and deserving of success.
This is a dangerous approach to business and life that will hold you back potentially for years or leave you being jumping from one shiny object to the next in search of a perfect path or “secret sauce” that doesn’t exist.

In this episode we discuss why we all get stuck by this along the way and how to overcome it.

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In This Episode

  • The most common reasons we fail to give ourselves permission to succeed and how to overcome them
  • Subtle ways that we give control over our success and happiness to other people
  • How to boost your belief that you have what it takes to find success

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tonyOver the past few months I’ve been setting myself up to sell Practice Exams for the ARE (Architecture Registration Exam). The ARE is a collection of 7 exams that those educated in architecture must pass before obtaining a license.

I’ve been going through the exams myself so I’m literally my own avatar. I really enjoyed studying via practice exams but all the one’s I could find were in books. The only other sites offering a digital practice exam had it as part of a $100 package.

I had a need for a more moderately priced practice exam that didn’t require making marks in a book (or lugging it around), so I decided to create one myself.

In the middle November I launched a beta for my first practice exam bundle, a collection of 3 different types of exams (10questions, 25 questions, and a 100 question timed mock exam) for 1 of the 7 AREs. All of the quizzes pull from a library of over 300 questions specific to the exam. Since questions are randomly pulled from the database, the quiz is always different.

Since launching I’ve had about a dozen people purchase the beta version of the bundle at a discounted price. That’s with organic reach only! What’s better is I’ve been getting emails from users telling me how what I’ve created is the exact kind of resource they were looking for and others asking if I have exam bundles for the other 6 exams! This is my first taste of real reoccurring revenue that can help me gain the freedom I’ve been seeking.

Tony Gushanas