308 | How to Have the Best Year Ever in 2016


We like to set the goal to make every year better than the last — full of more freedom, fulfillment and happiness.

It’s become a tradition for us to do an episode each year to give you insights and inspiration about how to create your best year by sharing with you high leverage insights and strategies that we are currently focused on.

In this episode we share our top four.

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In This Episode

  • A powerful tool to create momentum and find focus
  • The secret to overcoming unexpected challenges that threaten to derail you
  • An alternative to setting goals

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jason-kingI have a few small breakthroughs to share if I may. I’ve been running my 3D printing website for a few years but have only managed to spend a few hours a week on it up to now, due to work and other time/energy drains (the usual excuses).

Back in July I asked my place of work (I’m a Software Engineer Contractor) if it was feasible just to work 4 days a week, so I could spend a full day on my website every week. The answer was ‘no’, as I expected.

So, I decided to save up some more money and give up work completely for a year. When I finally managed to pluck up the courage last week to tell them I’m leaving, they decided to change their mind and let me work 4 days in Jan/Feb then drop to 3 days beyond that if I wish. Funny how they changed their minds.

Without Jeremy, Jason (Note: I’ve listened to their podcast since day one, for the last ten years) and this Academy I would never have had the knowledge, inspiration or mindset to even have such a plan, never mind execute it.

Jason King


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