307 | Why Passion Might Hold You Back and What to Focus on Instead


Sometimes finding your passion is the wrong approach to take. So what do you do instead to guide you to a business that is profitable and meaningful? We talk all about it in this episode.

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In This Episode

  • Why looking for your passion could hold you back
  • A key ingredient that will fuel your motivation and innovation in the place of passion

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AndrewDewarMy site just had its first full month and I have to say I was quite pleased with the results. I had a few users every day on the sites and even had a few comments posted on some of the blog posts. Everything is a milestone when you are starting out.

Then yesterday happened… I woke up and checked my Analytics… only to find that I had over 200 users in the last two hours!

What ended up happening was one of my posts was shared with an outlet and their mailing list, which drove traffic the whole day onto my site.

Plus I had my first 10 new subscribers! All more firsts!

My unique visitors topped 1000 yesterday. I had a permanent grin on my face all day. I wasn’t expecting anything like this for at least six months or more.

I share this personally because I’m thrilled (obviously), but the other reason is to show what can happen when you keep reaching out and keep working on something. It only takes one retweet, share or link. You just have to keep showing up and grinding it out and eventually you’ll see results.

Thank you again to Jeremy and Jason for creating this program.
If you’re interested in the post that was shared the link is below.

Andrew Dewar


  1. You guys are so inspiring and I want to speak to you in person to thank you. I think we could talk about a lot like happiness and business.
    I can’t afford the premium products but thanks for the free stuff guys

    Right now I’m working on not being overwhelmed having consumed so much

  2. I heard your interview on Rick Mulreadys podcast and you mentioned a guy named Tom doing $200 million a year selling info products. Does he teach or have a website about this stuff?