306 | How to Launch and Run a Paid Mastermind Community with Ryan Levesque

Would you believe people would pay $100 a month to be a part of a mastermind community? In today’s episode, we get the inside scoop on how Ryan Levesque has built up one of the most respected private communities for online marketers, attracting many of today’s top marketing leaders as members. He shares how he built his group to almost 1500 members paying monthly for access.

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In This Episode

  • How to create a mastermind community that people will gladly pay $100 or more a month to get access to
  • How to create a loyal community that keeps coming back
  • The most important thing to model if you want to reach the same success as someone that you admire

Items of Interest

  • Ask by Ryan Levesque – Ryan’s book shares exactly how to get into the mind of your audience and figure out exactly what they want to buy from you. Use coupon code IBM to get a free copy.

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