305 | The Internet Business Launch Plan Pt 6: Automate and Multiply Your Income


How do you continue to conistently grow your income once the foundation is in place?

That’s the topic of the final installment in our 6-part series on how to launch an internet business.

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In This Episode

  • The secret to growing your income month after month
  • The 3 things to focus on in order to build wealth with your business
  • The sneaky traffic trap that overwhelms entrepreneurs and costs them time and energy

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How to Jumpstart Your Online Income with Twitter – A Guide to Building a Following and Making Money Even If You Have No Site, No List and No Product


sylviaWe thought we were going to sell only 20 or so. So,we just did a very casual launch (just my wife on the iPhone on the way to kindergarten on foot, roosters, our dog disobeying, our daughter on her little bike) and then ended up selling 60 of our Improvisation Advent Calendars. The casual style really resonated. Normally we are in the studio.

BJ & Sylvia Lee


  1. Hi Jeremy and Jason,

    I’m HUGE fans. There’s so many scams out there it makes me scared but I can tell you know what you’re talking about.

  2. Love your work guys. I love when you talk about lifestyle and happiness.

    It’s an integral part of my teachings and content. I go into the science of that as well. There’s this thing called hedonic adaptation which is why a baguette in Paris stops feeling so novel. Society has partially tricked us into chasing the wrong things for happiness