302 | The Internet Business Launch Plan Pt 3 – Engage Your Audience; Make Your First Money


When you make your first online income, your confidence soars and your results accelerate.

In this episode we talk about how to get in front of your target audience and make your first income before you have a site, email list or product.

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In This Episode

  • How to know what your audience wants to buy most
  • How to start building your audience today
  • How to make money before you ever make a product

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jinhee-parkIt’s been 4 weeks since I joined the Academy and Coaching Program.

So far,

1) I have 431 followers on my Twitter account.


2) I finished Module 3 in the Academy today. I just launched my website and posted my About page and 1st blog today Nov 1, 2015. I have 5 more blog posts on queue to be published every Sunday.


3) I joined 3 Mastermind groups and shared my business ideas with other smart entrepreneurs. I found some inspiring new friends.

4) I have listened to all 299 IBM podcast episodes in the past 30days. Jason and Jeremy have been constantly chattering in my ears while I’m driving, biking, walking, cleaning my house and doing dishes. They keep saying TAKE BOLD ACTION.

Jinhee Park


  1. Thank you!
    I have a question. You talked about the funnel sequence from opt-in all the way through to high end product. Brendon Burchard definitely uses this and does quite well. However, Ive noticed certain opt-in’s he has as well as others like Ramit Sethi has where you don’t get an offer to purchase anything after opt-in or any time soon. Whats up with that? No $7 tripwire or anything. Having said that, I know Brendon’s main stuff follows your formula to a tee