296 | How to Pivot to Grow Your Business with Lacey and Dustin Baier


Sometimes a business needs to pivot to survive. Maybe a product doesn’t sell. Maybe the market changes. Maybe your motivations shift.

How can you effectively stay ahead of the game and find the creative fuel to keep going when change is needed?

Lacey and Dustin Baier have shifted gear multiple times along the way. This month they are reaching record income as a result. They share with us in this interview how they have managed to grow their brand through multiple changes and challenges.

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In This Episode

  • How to keep going when a new product doesn’t sell
  • How to re-brand when a major pivot is needed in your business
  • How to find a hole in your market so you stand out from the competition

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LJHopkinsonI’m trucking through IBM whilst looking after my 3 year old twins 4 days a week. I’m a film director and I took a job 2 years ago after the kids were born as I needed some stable income – I hated it and was miserable even though it was a highly paid job.

Whilst doing the job I listened whenever I could to podcasts and consumed as much info as I could to find a way to earn income that could allow me to choose the type of work I wanted to do, be with my kids , be location independent and give value to others.

Long story short I left the job 4 months ago with the aim to match my salary within 6 months and take action and build an Internet business.

Well the last 4 months have been a big journey – my partners mum and dad died, my dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, we had to have our dog put Down last week.

Bit of a journey !

So there have been some lonely dark nights of the soul where I couldn’t see if all the hard work was going to pay off.

The online work is a slog but I’m pushing forward and commited to making it work !

I took IBMs advise and took what I had learned online over 2 years and started offering it to clients I knew – month 1 I had 1 client 1k a month for 1 day a week retainer and last night I secured my second .

It’s not the work I want to do BUT – it’s paying to keep my family safe whilst I build online.

It’s small but it felt like a big win when we are so under pressure financially and emotionally.

That’s it ! – keep trucking crew

LJ Hopkinson