291 | The Real Scoop on Periscope for Business


Everyone’s suddenly crazy about Periscope. But can it really help you build your tribe and your business?

We give you our insights so far about this hot new platform with some straight scoop on whether or now it’s worth your time and attention.

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In This Episode

  • We discuss the question: Is Periscope the next big thing?
  • We give our tips on how to build your business with Periscope

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keren-160I’m celebrating a breakthrough. I’ve been sending a beta version of my e-book to friends and friends of friend to use and give feedback, comments, criticism, etc.

I have received a few responses, mostly positive with some good feedback and suggestions but tonight I received a really awesome thorough review of the book (she even did the worksheets and all) and her last paragraph made me super motivated to keep progressing and working on finishing it.

The e-book is a step by step guide on how to transition to a plantbased diet.
She said in her email “Honestly, I would pay for this eBook. The eBook was informative, useful, and most essential helpful.”

I didn’t tell anyone I sent the draft e-book that I was planning to sell this e-book so this made my night, my week, my month, knowing that at least one person is happy to buy it. Now I just need to finish it.

Keren Natalia


  1. Great podcast episode! your excitement comes through.