290 | How to Launch a Six-Figure Brand with an Online Summit, with Navid Moazzez


One strategic move put Navid Moazzez on the radar of dozens of online influencers. This same move tripled his email list and launched him squarely into six-figure income territory.

In this episode, we dive into this powerful strategy and get the rundown on how you can use it to leap forward on the path to freedom.

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In This Episode

  • How to use an online summit to grow your list by as much as 300%
  • How to connect with top influencers to have them speak at your event
  • The most important factors to consider to create a summit that influencers will promote and participate in

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  1. The episode should be called Kicking Ass with Navid Moazzez :D as always hustling brother, so good to watch all what you’re doing, keep being amazing.

  2. Navid absolutely drops some huge knowledge bombs here. I loved the Branding Summit and am super excited for Virtual Summit Mastery to begin. Navid’s knowledge on summits is second to none and you can get started just with the knowledge he provided in this podcast.

  3. Tammy Bartley says:

    I like how that Navid had been part of IBM and now is being interviewed by Jeremy and Jason. Navid is actually teaching his teachers a new technique. This demonstrates the benefits of community. You never know what you will learn inside from others. Community is where ideas are born.

    Thanks Jeremy and Jason for having Navid on the show. I really enjoyed it even though it was a bit lengthy.

  4. Great interview! I’ve watched Navid’s Summit and webinars, and it’s excellent content to grow your business.