289 | How to Make Success an Automatic Habit


If you’re struggling to reach your goals, it’s not your fault. There’s so much misinformation about what motivates us to achieve.

The truth is we all have limited time, energy and willpower. Top performers have learned how to harness those key resources and turn them into efficient behaviors that inevitably lead to success.

In other words, they know how to form habits that get consistent results. They know how to re-program the behavioral software that makes (or breaks) their ability to achieve. In this episode, we talk about the building blocks of that software, how to upgrade your internal software and how to harness it to reach success almost as if on autopilot.

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In This Episode

  • The one thing to focus on if you are feeling stuck when it comes to starting your business
  • Simple habits that will accelerate your success starting today
  • The two skills that you must use to create or change a habit

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bobby-davisLast Sunday (July 5th) I completed the Social Media, Content, and Traffic sections in Academy 101 > Module 1: Engage Your Audience. About noon Sunday is when I set up my Twitter account and started to work, in earnest, applying the techniques and tools I learned.

About 10 mins ago, I got my 50th Twitter follower. Now, relatively speaking, this may not be a lot of followers, but I’m going after a very VERY niche and elusive audience (or so it seems). Out of those 50, I have 3-4 people who I can confidently say are now “fans.” These are people I’ve personally interacted with via Twitter and helped solve a specific problem that they were having… and it feels great.

Bobby Davis