288 | The Fastest Way to Acquire Paying Customers, an Interview with Carl Mattiola


Carl went from no business, no products and no customers to money in his pocket in a matter of a few months. With a blend of hustle a desire to solve problems, he quickly launched a software business that made six figures in this first year.

In this episode, Carl shares the details of the process he used to pull in customers fast and bring in the cash he needed to launch and grow his business before the product was even made. He also talks about his experience going through the Foundation training and how that helped him get get his mindset in a place to accelerate his progress.

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In This Episode

  • How to get paid before you make a product
  • The fastest way to find a surefire product idea AND get high paying customers for it

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How to Jumpstart Your Online Income with Twitter – A Guide to Building a Following and Making Money Even If You Have No Site, No List and No Product


carlos-benegaFirst $$ breakthrough !! I sold my first personal coaching for $1000.00. It’s not just the money, but I was suffering I guess success fear since I started a Facebook group a few month ago and I became an “authority” in the online trading subject for the Hispanic audience from Mexico and Spain, people were asking for coaching, but I just froze when they did.

I started being an official member of the academy last week, but I have been listening to the academy podcast and others for months.

I am very excited because I feel like I needed to overcome that fear, I know a lot about the subject, I have been doing this for years, but I jus couldn’t start. My website is still half way, lot of stuff to fix or figure out, but I really needed this push.

I plan to have 3 levels of memberships including a free one, and a course.

My ultimate goal is to have everything working properly by the end of the year, quit my job and move to Argentina, where I am from, for a couple of years.

Thank you everyone, you have really inspired me to do this!!!

Carlos Banega


  1. Wow! Incredible post.