286 | Profiting from Udemy (and Your Curiosity) with Scott Duffy Pt 1


Join us as we talk to Scott about how he went from lots of unfocused action to finally zeroing in on a growing online business that satisfies his insatiable curiosity and his love for online learning.

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In This Episode

  • Why curiosity is one of your most powerful assets as an entrepreneur
  • How to balance insatiable curiosity with the need to focus
  • How seemingly random learning leads to ideas and innovation

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marv-de-leonI resigned from my job last June 4 and even before resigning, I got my first coaching client and have 3 more in my pipeline. I got the coaching idea from Myke Macapinlac and PJ Ann Aguilar. I also joined my first mastermind group with 2 other Academy members.

Marv de Leon