285 | 5 Key Lessons from 10 Years of Lifestyle Design


Is lifestyle design everything it’s cracked up to be? Does it really lead to more happiness? We ask these questions and more and share our top lessons learned about creating a life that you love.

In This Episode

  • We ask the question: does lifestyle design really bring more happiness and offer up our startling discoveries
  • The one critical lifestyle ingredient that we discovered we were still missing, even after ten years
  • The simple solution to a neverending cycle of “not enough” that is all-too-common in lifestyle design

Items of Interest

  • 5-Minute Journal – A journal for exercising gratitude, boosting productivity and generating a daily sense of well-being
  • 4-Hour Workweek – The book that made the idea of lifestyle design popular

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  1. I just wanted to chime in on this and say that this episode has been incredible, very mindset-shifting for me. I caught myself thinking “well, when I finally learn to enjoy the present, then I’ll be happy”. Talk about irony.

    Thanks for producing this, guys!