284 | Boosting Your Brand with Twitter and Guest Posting, A Success Story with Jennifer Snyder Pt 2


We continue our chat with Jennifer and talk about the “progress not perfection” approach to kick-starting your online income. Also, we discuss balancing business with family and what to do when you feel like a fraud.

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In This Episode

  • How to balance being a parent and an entrepreneur
  • How Jennifer beat the infamous impostor syndrome
  • The “progress not perfection” method to launching your first course

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pj-ann-aguilarI’m launching my online coaching program on 1 July!

My breakthrough is that this has been an idea brewing for a very long time, but the closer i got to it, the more fearful I became. Life got so busy that a month before the launch date, i felt totally overwhelmed, disheartened and pulled the coaching program off my website.

But then… people from my mailing list started enquiring about it, the IBM community pushed me to face my fears and i started to think, “what if?”

I decided to indulge my curiosity, pulled it all together and pre-sold membership. I will also celebrate this month by launching my podcast on iTunes & Sticher (its taken me 5 episodes to pluck up the courage!)

I feel like I am starting to embrace my achievements rather than being so hard on myself. As always thank you.

PJ Ann Aguilar