282 | How to Accelerate Your Progress with Smartcuts


How do world-class performers circumvent the system and jump to the head of the line? In his book, Smartcuts, Shane Snow lays out the science and case studies so we can apply proven smart shortcuts to achieve desired results faster. In this episode, we share key insights we learned and how you can apply these stratgies to your life and business.

In This Episode

  • The secret strategies that world-class performers use to jump to the top
  • What we can learn from comedians about quickly improving performance
  • How to make anyone your own personal mentor

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sunday-shieldsI want to share a tip that helped me get over a huge writing block. I struggled with completing my book for a while. I hired writers, editors and asked everyone in my personal circle for help. It wasn’t until I got so fed up that I reached out to my avatar for her thoughts.

– What did “she” think about the book?
– What did “she” want it to say?
– Did “she” think I covered everything i needed to?

It turns out she had A LOT of ideas and wanted to help. She pointed out places that needed clarity. She asked me tons of questions about why I chose particular items over others. She asked me to illuminate those reasons because they helped her understand the process. She became so involved in the book I eventually hired her to help me rewrite it!

The process wasn’t always smooth but things were moving along much better than they had been. I was seeing progress and couldn’t be happier. When we ran into a bottleneck I asked if she knew anyone who could help get us past it. She always did. What was my big lesson here? Hire your avatar and pay them well. It’ll save you time and takes the guesswork out of the project.

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  1. Jason – I really liked the comedy story. We are a couple hours north of you and one of the summer festivals up here does trial performances for numbers that eventually make it into broadway shows. A couple years ago we saw a largely unadvertised performance by Art Garfunkel at a different location. I originally thought it was a misprint because it was a venue for less than 200 people and it was really cheap. He was recovering from vocal surgery and was trying out material. We sat 5 feet from him and it was perhaps the most amazing performance I’ve ever seen.