281 | How to Grow Your Business with Software, an interview with Laura Roeder


Launching software can be a very lucrative addition to any business. It makes the perfect add-on for any information-based internet business like we teach. As you’ll learn in this episode, you likely have the perfect idea right under your nose. Laura shares with us the needed insights to help you expand your business with a monthly subscription software service.

In This Episode

  • How to find a hot idea for profitable software by looking at your current products
  • How to create a software income stream even if you’re not a programmer
  • How to successfully launch and price your software for maximize profit

Items of Interest

  • MeetEdgar.com – Laura’s social media service that allows streamline and automate your twitter updates by re-using your most popular posts
  • LKR Social Media – Laura Roeder’s social media training
  • Elance.com – A potential source for finding a programmer
  • Upwork.com – A potential source for finding a programmer

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michael-jamesJust made my first additional mortgage payment with my online income… Wow – that felt great!

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