278 | Can’t Find a Niche or Product – Try This


We all get stuck for ideas sometimes — a business idea, product idea, content ideas. It can be frustrating and discouraging. There’s one strategy that has worked every time when we need to pull ourselves out of an idea rut. We talk about it in this episode.

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In This Episode

  • The critical mistake that most people make when looking for a business or product idea
  • The single focus that can get you unstuck at any time in your business
  • Why you don’t have to be a genius to make money online

Items of Interest

  • Survey Monkey – This is the tool we use to survey our audience.
  • 21-Day Challenge – This challenge we created on Coach.me to help you get in touch with your audience avatar and read their mind.
  • Meetup.com – This is a great place to meet people locally and in person that might fall into your target market.
  • Facebook Groups – With a simple search on Facebook, you can find groups on just about any topic. This is a prime place to connect with your market. If a group doesn’t exist, consider starting one.
  • Quora – This Q&A site is full of people asking and answering question on all kinds of topics. There are key market insights here waiting to be found.

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Customer Magnet: How to Attract Your Ideal Buyer and Keep Them Coming Back – This action guide shows you exactly how to get into the mind of your ideal buyer so you can attract them and keep them coming back.


bradI also wanted to give a quick update. I first started following Jeremy and Jason around 2011. I signed up for their Micro Niche Profits course in 2012 and it really started me on my path. I’ve now started a company selling beer mugs that I’ve called the “Man Mug”. Sales are amazing and I’m close to quitting my day job! (Quick plug) If you need a good Father’s Day gift, these are perfect. Check them out at http://ManMug.com.

Thank you Jeremy and Jason! I owe you big time for the quality content that you offer and the work that you do. You truly care about your audience and here’s just one more success story!

~ Brad Houshour