273 | The Power of Routines


Successful people get ahead by consistently doing the things that are most important in their life and business. They ensure these things happen by forming habits chained together into daily routines. In this episode we talk about how to tap into the power of routines to make every day more fulfilling and productive. No more brush fire chasing!

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In This Episode

  • A simple routine that will transform your productivity.
  • Why willpower and self-discipline are not as important as you might think.
  • How to turn on your success autopilot system.

Items of Interest

  • Coach – Jason uses this app to track his morning routine.
  • Muse – Jeremy uses this device and app to facilitate his meditation.
  • Calm – This is the app that Jason uses to meditate daily.
  • Yoga with Adriene – The yoga station on YouTube that Jason follows for exercise.
  • Special thanks to Scott and Brendo for the open and close music on the episode.

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imageI made my first income online in the last month. I finally launched the paid memberships despite inot being fully ready. (I will never be “fully ready” so if I didn’t launch then, when would I have…?) There is still a ton of work to do on the site, but at least I have some people validating that the site is worth paying for.

I also published my content posting schedule on the site so that I would be more consistent in getting content on there. When I feel like I have an obligation to someone else, I will work very hard to achieve it. If I don’t feel that obligation, I sometimes skip a day and don’t maintain a sense of urgency. It has been working very well, though there still never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done that I need to!

Todd Markey



  1. Great show as always guys. The power of routines can not be emphasized enough. Just like you said, you’re creating routines all the time. Might as well make them positive habits towards your business.

    I wonder what kinds of small routines we can start implementing when we don’t really have anything going yet. For those of us working on finding a new niche, maybe there’s 10 minutes we can put aside every day to brainstorm ideas, or run through the 3 minute money test.

    Jeremy, I’m glad to hear you’re shutting down your computer. I’ve seen a great shift in your personal wellness as a priority over just stat checking. Kudos to lifestyle focus.

    I think implementing a comfortable routine that fits within my lifestyle design is what I’m going to start working on. By the time I finish working out and eating lunch my energy is zapped. But if I start my day online I forget to eat let alone workout. Time to set some timers and stick to the 10-15 minutes per day.

    Thanks for the great energy in the show the last couple of months guys. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for listening, John. Perhaps we can do an episode about 7 habits or routines for someone just starting out.

  3. Great idea Jason. May be time to revisit some of those simple steps to creating a keystone habit.

    Here’s my 1st 7 habits of the day:

    1. Shower (this is my keystone habit. It wakes me up. I get in THEN turn on the water. The cold water wakes me up and gets me going)
    2. Eat a Chobanni 100 yogurt with granola. I’m increasing fiber and jumpstarting my metabolism in the morning.
    3. Power walk for 15-20 minutes. I use the Tony Robbins “Get The Edge” daily magic warm up.
    4. 7 Min workout from Johnson and Johnson (some days I do mixed workouts, but just getting in 7-15 min of intense working out helps tremendously).
    5. I stretch. Either some form of yoga, or some kind of cool down stretch, but I loosen up my body.
    6. Spend some time in the Calm app. I meditate, recalibrate and put my mind in a great place
    7. Turn on some classical music and get back in the shower! Once I’ve done all of these things, I am unstoppable for the day.

    But that’s just my morning routine. I haven’t developed a business routine yet. That’s on the to do list!