271 | How to Be an Exponential Entrepreneur


How can you 10 times the growth of your business? On this episode we talk about the secrets of being an exponential entrepreneur and the fantastic new book from Peter Diamandis, Bold. If you want to know how to have a bigger vision for the future, this is the episode for you.

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In This Episode

  • A book that will teach you how to have an exponential vision for the future.
  • How to ride exponential technologies for faster growth.
  • The six criteria for identifying exponential opportunities.

Items of Interest

  • Disrupt Yourself – Peter Diamdis’ blog post about how to disrupt your thinking in order to innovate and progress.
  • Bold – The book that inspired this episode and outlines how to be an exponential entrepreneur.
  •  Special thanks to Scott and Brendo for the open and close music on the episode.

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imageCan I just say, my eyes are full of tears right now, for happy reasons!?! If you all only knew how many times I’ve tried at this online business thing and failed, then I’m sure you could appreciate this.

This new site of mine is making me so incredibly happy. I just launched a few weeks ago and I started engaging with people on Twitter. Sunday night at 10 pm I remembered I forgot to write a post for 9 am Monday morning. I scrambled together some videos I liked and wrote about this event at my lake.

Well, today I get a tweet from Lake of the Ozarks Daily newspaper and it turns out, my post was featured in there!!! I was blown away! Little ole me is starting to make some traction in my niche!!! I’ve never even had this little success on other sites before. Best part is, this site really is a passion of mine and fun to “work” on.

I had to share! I didn’t know who else to tell and I’m so excited right now!!

Shey Harms


  1. Hi Jason. Hi Jeremey,
    You were referring to the point in which a technology took off exponentially, and how that timeline was presented … We’re you thinking if the Gartner Technolgy Hype Cycle? Perhaps not, but I thought you would both appreciate seeing this … It shows how expectations around a new technology are typically over-hyped, followed by a period a period of disillusionment, and after that can gain real traction as their real worth and potential is identified. Check it: http://www.smartinsights.com/managing-digital-marketing/marketing-innovation/technology-for-innovation-in-marketing/

  2. Hi Nick,

    The Gartner curve is different than what we mentioned in this episode. The Gartner curve measure the change in expectations of the market over time.

    The exponential growth curve refers to how the usefulness and performance of a technology changes with time. You get more performance at a lower cost. Computers, smartphones and digital cameras are all excellent examples of this.

    Thanks for listening!