268 | The #1 Secret for Ensuring Success Pt 2


There’s one factor that predicts success more than anything else. This is what sets apart our students that succeed and those that do not. In this episode we give you three easy ways to exercise this success factor in your own life.

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In This Episode

  • How to become unstoppable in the face of fear, doubt and uncertainty.
  • How to change your success DNA so that reaching your biggest goals becomes automatic.

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I’ve been working on writing a book on treating chronic pain since Jun/Jul last year. It was published to Amazon this morning. I Bludgeoned my way through the stupid details preventing me from launching. Including creating a website from scratch this weekend. I’m seeing more opportunities around me. Now it’s about planning what to say yes to, and which to refuse. How did it feel? Positive feelings of accomplishment, pride, and feeling exposed. I feel relieved it’s over, and optimistic I can repeat it easier. And still a little overwhelmed at my audacity to aim so high.

Aleida Dikland

3 Effective Treatments to Solve Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery