261 | What’s the Best Approach to Goal Setting


In this episode, we discuss the unique mixture of goal setting technique we are currently using after years of study.

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In This Episode

  • Our best tips and strategies for setting and reaching your goals.

Items of Interest

  • The Desire Map – This is the book Jason used to identify the core needs and desired feelings behind his goals.
  • Non-Violent Communication – This is the book Jeremy used to identify the core needs for his goals.
  • The Needs Inventory – A handy list of human needs that you can use to identify your core needs.
  • The Dan Sullivan Question – A powerful question for determining what you want most from your future,  developed by one of our top coaches.
  • Essentialism – How to figure out what is most important so you can get more done with less time and energy
  • GoalsOnTrack – The tool Jeremy is using to track his goals.
  • The Power of Habit – The secret to reaching goals is to form habits and routines that make them happen. This books gives you the science for forming habits that stick.
  • The Compound Effect – Recommended by listener, Alex Flores, this book talks about how small daily decisions lead to big successes.
  • Your Best Year Ever – Recommended by listener, Josh Tuttle, this program was created by Success Magazine publisher, Darren Hardy. It’s a system and journal for setting your “Big Hairy Audacious Goals.”
  • Special thanks to Scott and Brendo for the open and close music on the episode.


  1. Fantastic.

  2. I bursted into tears listening to this episode. I was standing on the crowded railway platform waiting for a train from work to home.
    Jeremy’s words hit me straight into my heart.
    It’s not about goal settings, it’s about life.

    Thanks guys.