259 | Lifestyle Design for 2015


The New Year is the perfect day to reflect on what we want from life. In this episode, we talk about the key elements needed to create a life you love based on years of experience and research.

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In This Episode

  • The three pillars for creating a lasting and fulfilling freedom lifestyle that you can start enjoying NOW.
  • The #1 most important factor when creating a life that you’ll be thrilled to live
  • The key to enjoying your ideal lifestyle starting TODAY!

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IBM259-BreakthroughBreakthrough + Perspective:

Good? Bad? Ugly?! – This is my third year of continuing to run a side business (I love my day job, so can’t think of quitting it as yet). My growing family has limited my time to focus on the business. After a six-figure 2013, I am very close to 80k this year. I don’t post this to brag or complain, but rather to demonstrate that when you lose a bit of momentum, you begin to fall behind.

One of the reasons is that I got a bit complacent and didn’t release new products (guess the honeymoon phase is over?!..lol). Well, the reason why I feel slightly let down is not because I didn’t reach six-figure again, but the fact that I didn’t add that much value to my community. This was evident in the number of podcasts and blog posts I launched (fewer than 2013).

$$$ is always a byproduct of adding value! (and directly proportional).

Yaaqub Mohamed