258 | How to Find Clarity and Inspiration with a Personal Retreat


What do you do when you motivation wanes and you need a recharge? In this episode, Jeremy interviews Jason about how he used a personal retreat to generate new momentum and gain valuable insights.

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In This Episode

  • A strategy for connecting with what inspires you most, finding new energy and drive to reach your goals and have the best year ever.

Items of Interest


IBM258-BreakthroughI published a book. Finally. Just the feeling of completing the process and seeing it on Amazon was amazing. It is now having an impact on others. People are reaching out telling me how much the book is helping them. I’m getting new coaching clients thanks to it. But the coolest thing of all is the hope that I’m seeing. And it’s pretty remarkable because there are so many ‘get out of debt’ books out there. It has made me realize I’m needed and that I’m on the right path and that we should pursue something even if we think ‘there’s not room for one more.’ We each speak in our own voice and connecting with people that need to hear what we have to say, not what others have to say.

Camilla Kragius



  1. First, thanks for an inspiring podcast. It makes me want to plan my own personal retreat.

    Jason, would you mind post the a list of the other books you took with you on your retreat?



  2. Hi Nick,

    Here are the other books.

    Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach
    The Laws of Lifetime Growth by Dan Sullivan
    Body of Work by Pamela Slim
    Manage Your Day to Day by 99u