IBM 252 | IBM Encore : 7 Top Business Lessons Learned Over the Last Decade


In this encore presentation of the show, we share with you the seven biggest lessons we have learned from a decade of creating businesses and helping others do the same.


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In This Episode

  • Our top tips for creating momentum and attracting rapid results
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls that would otherwise block your progress and success

Items of Interest


IBM252-BreakthroughOk, IBMER’S: I am blown away with energy today! Yesterday we trained on the top of a 165′ tower and my performance was horrible. Yelp, you guessed it, had to climb down. I FAILED the training scenario!

Talk about the best thing that could have happened to me! It placed everything in perspective! Did I fail, yes! But I now know my limitations and areas for improvement! Oh, and BTW I didn’t Freaking DIE!

Fresh off this revolution today’s energy is on overdrive from this experience. As I prepare to launch my book and dvd what happens if I fail? Just like the tower evolution I will adjust, learn, and work harder the next time. I wont die from a failure. So, here goes nothing.

Time to write sales copy, send out emails and build the excitement. DVD First, Book Second! Keep on pushing IBMER’S You won’t freaking Die from failure. When you fail, dust yourself off, evaluate what you did and fix the issue! YOU CAN DO IT!! Make progress like the amazing Emma Davies. She has made an amazing product! You can to! #IBMROCKS

Ryan Pennington

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  1. This episode was perfect as we were talking about #1: Know yourself in my CEO Mastermind Group this week.

    I would suggest taking this lesson a step further to add that not only do we need to know ourselves, but we must include our team as well. We should know what our teams strengths and weaknesses are and see where we have holes. By doing that we can build better businesses.

    • Kristen,

      I totally agree. Extending this to one’s team not only allows you to focus even more on what fulfills you, but it also ensures that everyone is operating within their strengths.

  2. Love the Jerry Seinfeld calendar.

    I use a physical calendar myself and earlier in 2014 I was good about ‘not breaking the chain’ but have gotten away from that.

    What do you do if something comes up, something urgent happens, or whatever that knocks you off your set schedule of [exercise, niche research, writing, etc]?

    What about if you get stuck in a rut where you have a ‘chain’ of off days?

    • Unexpected things are inevitable. The longer you establish the habit, the easier it is to weather the unexpected without breaking the chain. It’s also important to plan ahead for how you will handle those situations. That said, sometimes it can’t be avoided. You do your best.

  3. This episode really resonated with me. I’m a futurist and have been living for years waiting and willing for the future to make me happier instead of living in the present and enjoying the journey. I consider myself a happy person nonetheless- but I need to be cognizant of my weakness. I will take time to enjoy today; to be happy for what today brings.