IBM 248 | The Hook Method for Maximizing Conversion


In this episode we’ll share a method that we use to avoid all of these conversion killing mistakes we talked about in the last episode and instead maximize your conversions.

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In This Episode

  • 6 Criteria for Crafting an Irresistible Marketing Hook
  • What Katy Perry can teach you about converting massive amounts of sales
  • How you can use a hook to generate automated income

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IBM248-BreakthroughHey Jason and Jeremy,

I just wanted to pop you both a quick note to say thank you. I am still pretty new to this whole internet business thing but have really discovered my passion. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa and no one I know here who is doing the stuff you guys talk about and teach.

I started a podcast about 2 years ago around one of my hobbies, running. I’have steadily been building my podcast and website audience over the last 18 months without really knowing how to monetise it. I knew I needed to create some sort of product that I could sell to my audience.

Thanks to your podcast I have learnt how to survey them to find out what they want, create what they want and present it in a way that is exactly what they want. I launched 8 days ago and in the first week made over 4 figures. Which probably doesn’t sound like much to you but with the current exchange rate, we are currently 10 to 1 to the Dollar so essentially it has been a 5 figure launch for me in our currency. I am so excited I can’t sleep! Last night I managed to get some sleep and I woke up to 3 more sales! Your life changes when you realise you can make money while your sleep.

Thank you. You do not know how this has changed my life. I am in the process of saving so that I can join your academy too. I would love to learn more from you guys.

Chat soon,

Brad Brown

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    Exactly what I needed, exactly what I’m working on – just had the lightbulb go on.

    Thank you :)